Why Westlake View’s Development Experience Means Much Better Properties for Kosmo Tay Ho Residents

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the Kosmo Tay Ho development process and find out how you, the resident, are kept in mind every step of the way…

by Kosmo Tay Ho

Why Westlake View’s ...

When most of us think of new residential developments, we simply think of the construction itself. And for many developers, the process is little more than that: logistics, blueprints, and building.

However, for the lead developer of Kosmo Tay Ho, Westlake View — a collaboration between REFICO and NEWTATCO — and its supporting developers — such as Kusto Homes — a much greater deal of thought has gone into the process. The team’s in-depth research, extensive planning, and consideration of the residents themselves produces not only high-quality architecture but outstanding homes.

Find out how Kosmo Tay Ho’s development experience ensures that residents are guaranteed a top-quality property.


An Impressive Track Record

REFICO has been around since 2003, racking up a portfolio of impressive projects along the way. Perhaps one of their most impressive endeavours is Sanctuary Ho Tram, a luxurious beachfront community and resort in the south of Vietnam, complete with a restaurant, tennis court, and spa.

Then there is City Garden in Ho Chi Minh City, a high-end gated community with over 17,000m2 of greenery and more than 900 apartments. Both developments have arguably improved the local landscape and value. So, it is fair to say when it comes to developments in Vietnam, REFICO know what they are doing.

What This Means For You

Kosmo Tay Ho residents can trust that their new home has been developed by one of Vietnam’s most reputable and growing real estate development companies.


Development Tried And Tested In West Lake

As if REFICO’s extensive experience wasn’t enough, the developer has already made its mark in Tay Ho with Watermark, an exclusive residential address overlooking West Lake.

This stunning development has a real focus on architectural excellence, boasting both a striking exterior and a stylish interior. With 128 highly sought-after units, the building is considered a success that is leading the way for residential properties in the area. Not wanting to be beaten at their own game though, Kosmo Tay Ho is an extension of REFICO’s advancement in the area and undoubtedly the next big thing to raise the bar for architecture in Hanoi. Furthermore, NEWTATCO also boasts development experience in the area, with Westlake International Tower, and Kusto is the lead investor in Vietnam’s number one construction company.

What This Means For You

There is no risk-taking when it comes to choosing Kosmo Tay Ho — REFICO, NEWTATCO and Kusto already have proven success in the area, and Kosmo Tay Ho is going to be even bigger and better.


Local Knowledge, International Standards

Led by a famous Vietnamese entrepreneur and supported by a number of foreign directors, REFICO has a strong understanding of the country’s real estate market as well as the standards of international-quality architecture. Their diverse staff brings knowledge from all over the world while maintaining a strong focus on what is best for residents in Vietnam.

What This Means For You

Residents at Kosmo Tay Ho apartments can be sure to have the best of both worlds, a home that suits their lifestyle in Hanoi while also getting international-standard facilities and amenities.

Conscious Care About Community

REFICO are not the first developer to promote community-focused living in their developments, but they are one of the few that follow through on this promise. Lots of developers sell the ‘community dream’ but rarely put this into action. As lead architect John Bilmon said in Kosmo Tay Ho’s 60s Interview: “Community has always been a hallmark of developments involving REFICO — there has always been a significant attempt to maximise the residential amenity for all the occupants of the buildings.”

What This Means For You

A traditional Vietnamese tight-knit community combined with a modern, high-tech lifestyle is possible! You do not have to compromise on quality to enjoy a positive neighbourhood.

A Developer That Keeps Their Promises

Often, the development that buyers see in the sales brochure does not match the one they see in person. However, REFICO, NEWTATCO and Kusto have excellent track records of delivering quality projects and superior returns.

What This Means For You

You can trust that what you see is what you get. REFICO, NEWTATCO and Kusto are working hard to make sure that every element of their development plans are transferred into the real thing — no broken promises!

Determined and Disciplined

Vietnam’s real estate market is currently at a crucial point; according to REFICO, it is at the “bottom of a cyclical over-correction”— in other words, the price of housing in Vietnam is expected to drop from unrealistically high prices. Many inexperienced developers do not make it through these uncertain periods. However, REFICO has already made it through a previous housing correction using ‘conservative financial discipline’. In fact, the company not only predicts that it will make it through a tough period that other developers may not but it will actually ‘grow and benefit from its projects’ along the way.

What This Means For You

At a time of uncertainty, you can rely on REFICO, NEWTATCO and Kusto — Kosmo Tay Ho is already beating the odds of other developments.


Supported By The Best

Although Westlake View (REFICO and NEWTATCO) is Kosmo Tay Ho’s lead developer, it is not doing the job alone. The company is supported by some of the most respected developers and architects around. The team includes:

  • Kusto — an international private investment holding company with a diverse worldwide portfolio and experience
  • Coteccons — a leading construction company in Vietnam specialising in high-quality civil and industrial projects requiring sophisticated engineering
  • FORG ARCHITECTS — an award-winning team of architectural experts with developments in Australia, China, Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam
  • LSS Land Sculptor Studios — an award-winning international landscape design company known for bringing aesthetic and artistic solutions to developments.

What This Means For You

Your new home is not only backed by one of the most reputable real estate companies in Vietnam, it is also supported by a number of other reliable international companies that are working together to make Kosmo Tay Ho an outstanding success — all with you, their customers and residents, at heart.

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