How To Turn Your New Kosmo Tay Ho Apartment Into Your Own Personal Art Gallery

There is nothing better than a fresh start in a brand new apartment; make it your own by expressing yourself through the art that you display…

by Kosmo Tay Ho

How To Turn ...

Getting a new home is always exciting, especially if you get to design it the way you envisioned it from scratch. At the risk of making an obvious pun, a home can be your very own blank canvas — one that can easily be turned into a personal masterpiece.

Once you have picked the perfect pieces of art, it is time to choose how and where to display them. Kosmo Tay Ho shares some fun ways to make sure:


Put Art In Unexpected Places

Nguyen Dinh Hoang Viet – Fish


Gone are the days that art must be framed and hung in traditional places. In fact, much art is no longer on a canvas or in a frame at all! Nowadays, we can display art through sculptures and electronics, and traditionally framed art can be put in a variety of places.

Put it in your bathroom, lean it against a wall, overlap pieces of art, or place it where no one would expect it to be. At the end of the day, art needs to be expressed by the person who owns it. Sometimes, the best way to experience art is by putting it in seemingly bizarre locations that just seem to ‘work’.

Mix And Match Different Art Pieces

Left: Pham Khac Quang – Morning / Right: Nguyen The Son – Vinatree


What might have been considered messy décor in the past has become a popular choice for lots of art lovers. Combining pieces that initially seem to ‘clash’ can often complement each other in unexpected ways.

Have a couple of vases from Nepal or a sculpture that you scored during your trip to Scandinavia? Try putting them together on a table or shelf. Got some line-embellished Peruvian clay pots and a similarly-patterned fertility vase from South Africa? Try popping them side by side on your mantelpiece. You never know how some combinations will look until you have tried them. Mix and match to see where your collection can go.


Make Use of Good Lighting

“The light is an actress, from the tragic drama to the spectacular performance, her interpretations are unlimited,” says Cyril Lamy, Chief Creative Officer of Saigon-based SLA Designers. In other words, use lighting to showcase your art!

Every piece of art should be treated with individual value when it comes to displaying masterpieces. The lighting surrounding each piece of art can have a big impact, not only on the overall effect of the art but on the individual colours and shapes that stand out most. Finding the right lighting can mean searching for the best existing light sources in your home, or buying extra light fixtures and lamps to show off particular pieces of art.


Take Advantage Of Negative Space

Sometimes, the best way to highlight art is by using the negative space around it. This could be done by placing the artwork in the centre of a plain wall, or by using a thick black or white border around an image, immediately drawing the attention of your friends and family who visit.

Unlike the ‘mixing and matching technique’, when taking advantage of negative space, less is more. If done right, using the negative space to draw attention to a piece of art can create a fantastic dramatic effect. However, keep in mind, this technique won’t necessarily work with mild, soft art — it works best with vibrant, eye-catching pieces.


Consider The Size Of Your Art

Nguyen Manh Hung – off-road


Although part of the fun of displaying art in a way that suits you is breaking the rules, there are a few basic tips that are worth sticking to. In particular, it is a good idea to consider the size of your art in comparison to the size of its surroundings.

For example, when hanging art above a sofa, it is recommended that the piece of art is no more than two thirds of the width of the sofa. However, when hanging art above a mantelpiece, some art lovers suggest the art should be a similar width to the mantelpiece itself, preferably falling in line with inner or outer line of the fitting. Some people also try to hang their art at eye-level to make it easier to look at. In fact, there a whole lot of rules of thumb about the size of art, but that does not mean that you can’t occasionally break them!


Trust Your Intuition

Last but not the least, your home should reflect who you are and your personality. So, when designing your new apartment, the most effective way to showcase your art is by trusting your intuition. After all, you will be spending the most time there, so display your art in a way that looks good to you.

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