New Neighbours: What NOT To Do In Your New Hanoi Apartment

So, you are thinking of making the move to Kosmo Tay Ho? Here are a few things that might get on your new neighbours’ nerves as well as some tips to stay on their good side…

by Kosmo Tay Ho

New Neighbours: What ...

Apartment buildings often attract a wide variety of people from all walks of life. They are the perfect place to meet people from all over the world and build a vibrant, multinational community. Although living in a melting pot of cultures can be fun and interesting, it can also take a little bit of skill to keep everyone happy.

We asked a few residents of Hanoi, both Vietnamese locals and foreigners, about what they wish their neighbours didn’t do as well as what they could do instead.


1. Don’t Be Noisy

I wish my neighbours didn’t build and fix things all the time, no matter what hour it is.

– Hien, Vietnam

We have all dealt with noisy neighbours before and it can certainly be trying when it interrupts your sleep or down time. There is nothing worse than someone who does not consider how their actions might affect you, especially in close quarters.

Though, once in a while, we all need to make some noise. Whether we are hammering nails into the walls to hang photos or having a small house-warming party, noise is sometimes necessary. So how can you get the balance right?

Kosmo Tay Ho Community Tip: If you must make noise, try to pick a time that will not wake others up or interrupt their free time. Better yet, if you know when you will be making a lot of noise, you can even warn your neighbours in advance to avoid giving them a nasty surprise.


2. Don’t Make Smelly Food (All The Time)

I cannot stand it when my neighbours do smelly cooking in smelly scents.

– Sina, Canada

There is nothing worse than coming home to a pungent smell of food that lingers for days. No one should have to hold their nose just to get to their front door. Then again, what smells atrocious to some may smell delicious to others, and we should not be expected to cut out our favourite dishes to appease others.

Kosmo Tay Ho Community Tip: When cooking particularly ‘smelly’ food, there are a few ways to minimise the extent of the scent. Try turning on your extractor fan while cooking, opening a window or lighting a couple of candles. You can also put things that absorb the odor in communal areas, such as a small bowl of baking powder or coffee grounds.


3. Don’t Park In Silly Places

My neighbours always put their motorbike in front of my door. Sometimes I cannot get out and have to go out of the window!

– Phuong, Vietnam

With millions of motorbikes and a growing number of cars in the city, it is not surprising that Hanoi can sometimes be a little tight on parking spaces. Although much research has been done on the ‘perfect parking angle’ to save space, we will spare you the mathematical explanation. The general gist of parking research is that there is no magical way to create more space, but you can ‘park smart’.

Kosmo Tay Ho Community Tip: It is not always possible to park in the perfect spot, but you can minimise the number of other residents you annoy by the way you park. Simply do not park in front of doors, lifts or fire exits, and try to block as few other vehicles as possible.


4. Don’t Hog Shared Facilities

I cannot stand neighbours who hog the shared facilities. There has been a lot of drama over our apartment block’s shared washing machines.

– Scott, UK

One of the benefits of living in an apartment is the shared amenities and facilities that they offer. For example, Kosmo Tay Ho not only has leisure facilities like Hanoi’s first heated pools and cinemas but educational amenities, such as an international kindergarten and a high school. However, with great amenities come great responsibilities. Well, just one responsibility really: share and share alike.

Kosmo Tay Ho Community Tip: A few simple habits can make it easier for those who share facilities with you. Leaving facilities ready for the next person to use or keeping communal areas clean are great ways to keep everyone happy. For example, if you have shared laundry facilities, make sure to collect your laundry soon after the load has finished so that others can use the machine.


5. Don’t Be (Too) Nosy

Some neighbours never leave you alone. They always find it necessary to know about your business.

– Trang, Vietnam

We are all guilty of being nosy sometimes — it is only human! However, when it comes to gossiping about your neighbours, it might be best to hold your tongue. During our interviews with residents in Hanoi, we found that being nosy was by far the most dislikable quality among people in residential communities.

Kosmo Tay Ho Community Tip: Feel free to ask your neighbours questions and take an interest in their lives, just try not to make it an interrogation. It is also best not to go out of your way to knock on your neighbours’ doors whenever you feel like it — although you may be trying to be nice, some people may see this as an invasion of privacy.


6. Don’t Congregate In Small Places

Picture a large group of people yelling in a cramped alley — that is what my neighbours do.

– Maricel, Philippines

Corridors and alleyways are where most of us frequently bump into our neighbours. Most of the time, there is no harm stopping to have a chat. However, if you catch each other at ‘apartment rush hour’ you may irritate some of the other neighbours trying to get by.

Kosmo Tay Ho Community Tip: Simply move somewhere that is not in the way of people trying to get by, or invite your neighbour to your apartment to chat instead.

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