Why Heated Swimming Pools Mean 365 Days of Pure Fun

Kosmo Tay Ho introduces the first heated swimming pool to Hanoi — check out a few suggestions to make the most of this fun and new facility…

by Kosmo Tay Ho

Why Heated Swimming ...

For most people in Hanoi, and much of the rest of the world, a trip to the pool relies heavily on good weather. However, things are about to change with not one but two heated swimming pools and a jacuzzi coming to Kosmo Tay Ho.

No other community has one — these are the first heated swimming pools in Hanoi. And, better yet, there is no need to fight for a sun chair or plan your visit for the quietest time of the day, the pools are only reserved for Kosmo Tay Ho residents!

Take a look at these suggestions for activities in Kosmo Tay Ho’s brand new heated pools and see if you can’t be persuaded to jump in your bathing suit.

1. Winter BBQ Parties By The Pool

No more desperately waiting for the summer months to have a BBQ party — with heated pools and BBQ areas available, you can enjoy outdoor parties year-round.

Simply get a few friends together, stock up on some good-quality food from Kosmo’s surrounding shops [LINK TO KOSMO TAY HO IN NUMBERS], and tell everyone to bring their swimming gear.

Organising a memorable, fun get-together has never been easier!

2. Jacuzzi Date Nights

If you are looking for a romantic location for date night with minimal effort, look no further than Kosmo Tay Ho’s jacuzzi. There is no need to go far and wide looking for something special for your other half, an evening relaxing in the jacuzzi is just the ticket.

And there is no limitation on when you can hop in either, the warm jacuzzi can even be enjoyed in Hanoi’s coolest months, just like you are in Scandanavia’s hot springs!

3. Year-Round Swimming Lessons For The Kid

Parents in Hanoi often despair that there are not enough activities for children in the city [LINK TO TIPS FROM EXPERIENCE PARENTS ARTICLE], but Kosmo Tay Ho has arguably improved the scene.

Along with nearby tennis courts, footballs fields, and public parks [LINK TO A MAP OF SPORTS ACTIVITIES], Kosmo’s heated swimming pools will allow kids to enjoy swimming lessons year-round. There is no need to wait all year to teach the kids to swim — start right now and carry on all year-round.

4. Water Polo With Your Neighbours

If you are not a fan of formal get-togethers or dinner parties, why not try something a little more active with your new neighbours? Unleash your competitive side by organising a game of water polo or water volleyball. You can arrange a casual game with just a ball and a few players, or take it seriously with a net and coloured swimming caps for the teams.

5. Nerf-Themed Birthday Parties For Children

Running out of ideas for children’s birthday parties? A nerf gun pool party is sure to go down a treat! (In fact, if you are a bit of a big kid yourself, it might even go down well with adults too.) All you need to do is stock up on nerf guns, or ask your child’s friends to bring their own, and create a fun-filled battleground in the pool. Use lilos as platforms and floats as shields!

6. Soak In Prosperity On The First Day Of The New Year

As a Kosmo Tay Ho resident, you can hop in the heated pools on any day of the year, no matter what the weather is like. You can hop in on Christmas Day — there is really no limit to when you can enjoy this amazing facility  — or even soak in prosperity on the first day of the Lunar New Year (Tet Holiday)!

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