A Guide To Street Food and Delicious Cuisine Around Your Kosmo Tay Ho Apartment

With Kosmo Tay Ho surrounded by such an array of street food, cafes and restaurants, you’re sure to be able to satisfy every craving you have…

by Kosmo Tay Ho

A Guide To ...

If there is one thing that Kosmo Tay Ho apartment residents don’t have to worry about, it is food. There is no chance of going hungry with the selection of vibrant, flavoursome and aromatic food on Kosmo’s doorstep.

Find out about the best street food, restaurants, cafes and bakeries just a few steps away from Kosmo Tay Ho.


Vietnamese Food

There really is no end to the amount of Vietnamese food available in west West Lake. Kosmo Tay Ho residents are in a prime position to enjoy local street food favourites as well as indulge in Vietnamese specials.

Kosmo Pick #1: Muong Khuong Quan, 447A Lac Long Quan
Muong Khuong Quan serves traditional food from Vietnam’s mountainous regions, with beautiful surrounding décor to match. The restaurant is particularly known for its delicious goat meat dishes.

  • Banh ran man Vong Thi, 242 Lac Long Quan – savoury fried balls/doughnuts
  • Ga 36, 553 Lac Long Quan – for a variety of chicken dishes
  • Pho Ly Quoc Su, 10 Vo Chi Cong – for traditional Vietnamese noodles

  • Quang Minh Xoi Banh Da Ca Ro Dong, 88 Vo Chi Cong – for sticky rice and fish noodles
  • Nem, Goi & Banh Bao Chien, 26 Xuan Dinh – for spring rolls, salad and stuffed dumplings
  • Pho Bo, 27 Xuan Dinh – for beef noodle soup
  • Chao, 120 Xuan Dinh – for a Vietnamese version of congee (rice porridge)


Kosmo Pick #2: One One, 36 Xuan La

If you fancy Vietnamese food with a bit of a twist, try the doner kebab banh mi at One One. Get both your fast food fix and a local meal in one!

  • Pho Ga Doi Tuoi, 29 Xuan La – for chicken noodle soup
  • Pho Chien Ly Quoc Su, 32 Xuan La – for Vietnamese fried pho noodle chunks in gravy
  • Banh Cuon Thanh Thuy, 34 Xuan La – for steamed rice rolls
  • Bun Cha, 38 Xuan La – for grilled meatballs and noodles

  • Chao Oc, 41 Xuan La – for rice porridge with snails
  • Bun Bo Hue, 68 Xuan La – for Hue style beef noodles
  • Chao Long, 73 Xuan La – for pork organs and Vietnamese congee (porridge)
  • Bun Cha, 77A Xuan La – for grilled meatballs and noodles
  • Hot Pot, 155 Xuan La – for tasty hot pots


Kosmo Pick #3: Vegan Buffet, 45 Nhat Chieu

This hidden gem has expanded from a streetside spot to a full-sized restaurant, spilling into the family home. It is not surprising why it is so popular either, with as much delicious vegan food as you can eat at a bargain price of VND30,000.

Bakeries and Dessert Shops

There are a number of bakeries nearby Kosmo Tay Ho, perfect for the odd cupcake craving or spectacular birthday cakes. Many of the bakeries offer takeaway and eat-in options as well as custom-made and ready-made cakes.

Kosmo Pick #4: Tien Dat Bakery, 87 Xuan La
If you would like freshly baked cakes close to home, look no further than 87 Xuan La. This bakery is known for its French cakes and pastries made daily.

  • Fresh Garden, 35 Lac Long Quan – for a well-known, high-quality cafe bakery
  • Poeme, 226 Lac Long Quan – for homemade Japanese cakes
  • Hoang Gia Bakery, 36 Xuan La – for decorative cakes ideal for events
  • Kem Xoi, 69 Xuan La – for sticky rice, ice cream and sweet soup

  • BIBI Cake Bakery, 25 Xuan Dinh – for a local bakery minutes away from Kosmo Tay Ho
  • La Cherie Bakerie, 155 Nhat Chieu – for beautifully presented cakes



We do not have to tell you that Hanoi has no end of cafes. In fact, you are sure to discover many more as you get to know the area around your Kosmo Tay Ho apartment yourself. But, here are a few to get you started…

Kosmo Pick #5: ABC Coffee, 614A Lac Long Quan
As a cafe and roastery, you can guarantee high-quality coffee at ABC Coffee. Both western coffees and Vietnamese coffees are on offer, served in trendy, rustic surroundings.  

  • Goku Cafe, 71 Lac Long Quan – for bubble tea
  • Homie Coffee, 436A Lac Long Quan – for coffee and dessert
  • The Cafe, 443 Lac Long Quan – for a cosy coffee shop
  • Family Cafe, 441 Lac Long Quan – for a casual cafe with food
  • Hanoi Xua Cafe, 19 Nhat Chieu – for a cafe with a view over West Lake
  • Ding Tea, 59 Nhat Chieu – for fruit tea and bubble tea
  • Tubo Tea, 20 Xuan La – for bubble tea and dessert drinks in a variety of flavours
  • Ding Tea, 28A Xuan La – for bubble tea and fruit tea
  • Thu Hang Cafe, 38 Xuan La – for a simple local cafe with lots of drinks on the menu
  • Coco Cha Tra Sua, 54 Xuan Dinh – for bubble tea in a cafe with quirky décor


Fruit and Vegetables

Besides the endless supply for fresh fruit and vegetables on the back of bicycles and on make-shift stalls, there are also a few go-to places worth visiting around Kosmo Tay Ho.

Kosmo Pick #6: 47 Xuan Dinh
At the end of lane 46, locals can find a variety of fresh fruit at building number 47. If you visit in the evening, the shop is also surrounded by market stalls where you can buy plenty of other fresh food.

  • Efarm, 71 Xuan La – for health food
  • Hala Fruits, 95 Xuan La – for imported fruit not found elsewhere


Foreign Food

On top of a number of authentic foreign restaurants in West Lake, west West Lake also has a number of more casual foreign restaurants to satisfy a craving for international cuisines.

Kosmo Pick #7: Kichi Kichi, 395 Lac Long Quan

This restaurant serves delicious Japanese style hot pots. Though, the real appeal is the fun way that dishes are served on a non-stop moving conveyor belt.

  • Gimbap, 26 Xuan La – for Korean food
  • Chef’s BBQ Restaurant 34 Xuan La – for pizza and beer
  • Ah Yat Abalone Ciputra – for Dim Sum

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