On The Sofa With: Kosmo Tay Ho’s Lead Architect

John Bilmon of ForG Architects lets us in on the process behind designing west West Lake’s most exciting property development, Kosmo Tay Ho...

by Kosmo Tay Ho

On The Sofa ...

Kosmo Tay Ho’s lead architect, John Bilmon, has a more than impressive portfolio.

He built up his reputation in architecture over 30 years at the helm of Australia’s Peddle Thorp & Walker, as well as during a stint as president for the Institute of Architects in New South Wales.

Peddle Thorp and Walker designed high-profile residential projects, such as the Bennelong Apartments in Sydney’s East Circular Quay, one of the world’s most distinguished residential developments, beside the famous Sydney Opera House.

Here in Vietnam, with his company ForG, John prides himself on working with experienced, trusted, and high-profile clients who produce quality developments distinguished by their recognition and appreciation of the local culture, as well as a strong focus on community.

So John, how would you describe Kosmo Tay Ho, for those who don’t yet know about the project?

John B: Kosmo Tay Ho is a residential and commercial development nestled in an evocative cluster of buildings — the Metro, Centro and Novo towers — in one of the most dynamic parts of Hanoi.

In terms of scale and character, these buildings represent a gentle presence in an alluring and changing cityscape. The three Kosmo Tay Ho towers are truly a worthy addition to this exciting district of West Lake and a worthy addition to one of the world’s most fascinating cities, Hanoi.

You’ve worked on many high-profile projects internationally and in Vietnam. What makes Kosmo Tay Ho by Westlake View (a joint venture by REFICO and NEWTATCO) and its partners different?

John B: Kosmo Tay Ho is all about character, accessibility, and the transition from a frenetic world into a peaceful home and community.

The community aspect is a hallmark of developments involving REFICO; there have always been significant attempts to maximise the residential amenity for all the occupants of the buildings.

Most developers propose statements like this but REFICO has a reputation of actually following it through.

So how does this show in the final product?

John B: There are a number of communal spaces that are accessible to all the residents in the development: the ground level community spaces, the retail alley, and the cinemas. But there are also exclusive spaces only for the residents where you can enjoy barbeques with your friends and your colleagues, or quietly reflect and read a book while absorbing the substantial, uninterrupted views of Hanoi’s natural and sparkling water bodies, West Lake and The Red River — they are beautiful.

What makes Kosmo Tay Ho a great place for tenants?

John B: Kosmo Tay Ho represents a very sound opportunity for renters, buyers, and investors. It is located only minutes away from parks, schools, tourist attractions, and universities in a culturally rich district.

Mixed-use developments often attract different types of people to live in the apartments and frequent the retail spaces and cinemas. And by mixing the users and age groups, you create an opportunity for human interaction — cultures really benefit from that.

I think Kosmo Tay Ho will be a wonderful place to grow a family and to relax as a resident. If I was living in Hanoi, I would have no hesitation whatsoever about choosing Kosmo Tay Ho as a place to live. We have all put in extra effort to ensure this is going to be an outstanding success.

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Buy smart, live well with Kosmo Tay Ho

Kosmo Tay Ho is the perfect mixed-use development in the heart of Hanoi’s west West Lake. With three towers and ten types of apartments, plus retail space and cinemas, it is set to become the new focal point for community in North Tu Liem District. Come and see for yourself! Visit kosmotayho.com or call +84 901 839 666 now to book your free, no-obligation tour.